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Portoscuso and the surrounding area

Portoscuso is situated on Sardinia’s South Western coast, in the Sulcis Iglesiente region, 81 km from Cagliari. In the past a “hidden port”, today it houses one of the most important Sardinian tourist ports connecting Sardinia and Carloforte, a small town of Genoese origins on the island of San Pietro, that can be reached by the ferries that run daily.

Portoscuso is an ancient town: it was founded in the 17th century, following the construction of the Spanish defense tower, against pirates’ raids, and the Tonnara fishing nets, which attracted fishermen from Sardinia, Ponza and Sicily and created a cultural melting pot.

Towards the port, as you reach the pier, you can still see the old buildings of the ancient Su Pranu Tonnara, the so called “pianoro”, the first building where tuna fishing was carried out. Portoscuso has a well preserved historical center where you can enjoy pleasant walks. In the main square you can find the Church of Madonna d’Itria, built in 1665.

The Spanish tower dates even earlier than that, and is located between the Ghinghetta cove e and the Portopaleddu cliffs, from which you can enjoy a wonderful panorama. For those who love the sea, just 5 minutes away you will find the endless beaches of Porto Pino; for nature and archeology lovers, we recommend Nora, Pula, Sirai, S.Antioco and the amazing caves of “Is Zuddas”, located in Santadi.

From Portoscuso you can easily reach the Island of San Pietro and its town Carloforte, where you will find sandy beaches, such as La Bobba and Guidi, or rocky coves with a waters full of fish, such as Cala Fico. Along the coastline, a few meters off the shore, there are the Colonne, two sea stacks 16 meters high, today protected as natural heritage.

The most beautiful beaches in South Western Sardinia

The most beautiful beaches in South Western Sardinia

The beaches in South Western Sardinia feature long stretches of sand, pristine coves and crystal clear waters. The premier location of the Panorama Hotel is perfect to reach the most beautiful destinations and beaches in Southern Sardinia.


Portopaglietto Beach

This is the beach of the town of Portoscuso and derives its name from its posidonia. It features a small stretch of sand in a sheltered bay, where the coastal Spanish tower is located.


Masua Beach

Situated 25 km north of Portoscuso, Masua is a beautiful and captivating beach in front of the Pan di Zucchero sea stack, 133 meter high, so called for its shape and the candid color of its rocks. The beach is characterized by a half moon shape, with thin sand and a mainly sandy sea bottom. On the beach you can still see the ruins of an old warehouse dating back to when the Masua mine was still in use.


Cala Domestica

Located 11 km north of Masua, Cala Domestica is one of Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches. A cove encased by a fjord, made of sand and gravel, and bordered by green forests. It also includes a smaller cove that you can access via a tunnel dug by the miners.



Scivu beach is located further north, at about 45 km from Portoscuso, following road SS 126. It is 3 km long and one of Costa Verde’s most beautiful beaches. It features long stretches of sand against massive rock faces.

Events and festivals in Southern Sardinia

Events and festivals in Southern Sardinia

You can experience the local gastronomy not only at the many restaurants of Portoscuso, but also during the numerous food festivals taking place throughout the year.

Among the most important events in Portoscuso, we recommend the sea urchin festival in March, and the tuna festival that takes place on June 13th.

At the end of May – beginning of June, Carloforte’s main event takes place, the “Girotonno”, which every year attracts many tourists to the only town on the San Pietro island. Four days of cultural and eno-gastronomic events to celebrate the long standing tradition of tuna fishing. In July, also in Carloforte, the Posidonia Festival takes place, an international event dedicated to arts, the environment and sustainable development. During the event there are concerts, documentary showings, hikes, sailing and kayak excursions to discover the region.

The tourist harbor of Portoscuso

The tourist harbor of Portoscuso

Portoscuso Tourist Harbor is the perfect place to combine relaxation and the sea. It is a great destination for those who love sailing, boat tours and for those who want to experience Sardinia from the sea.

  • Name of the port: Marina of Portoscuso
  • Type: fishing and recreational.
  • Nautical Coordinates: 39° 11′ 9” N – 008° 22′ 08” E.
  • Under the jurisdiction of the port authority: Circomare Portoscuso
  • Emergency medical help: 118 local, hospitals of Iglesias and Carbonia.
  • Fuel station: none. Fuel fill up with minimum tank of 200 liters
  • Services: water, power, waste collection, port clean up, security.
  • Management and oversight of the port: Saromar Gestioni S.r.l. – Telephone: 0781/507248.
  • Boat berths: 385  Maximum length: 25.
  • Other services: ramps, slipways, crane, fire extinguishing system, engine repair, electrical system repair.
  • Dangers: before entering the port, be careful of boats docked at the mooring buoys, and of the Ghinghetta sandbank. Strong rip current with winds coming from North-West; shallow and rocky sea bottom.
  • Entrance time: non stop.
  • Access: before entering the port, call the port office via VHF.
  • Sea bed: rocks, sand
  • Depth: at docks from 3 to 4,5 meters.
  • Forbidden: mooring the anchor when still inside the port.
  • Winds: Mistral, west wind, north wind.
  • Closest safe harbors: in case of north winds, it is recommended to go to the roadstead south of San Pietro Island
  • Local expert: Portovesme pilot VHF channel 12.